When I was in college I went through a very heavy fancy camping and outdoor gear phase, much like what Angelo was spazzing on earlier. Like, I dressed exclusively in the expensive versions of Patagonia and Arc'teryx jackets and all my hats were made from expensive fleeces and merino wools and I owned, like, four expensive carabiners. As such, I spent a lot of time kicking it with rich hippies and trustafarians and we never really went camping, but we spent a lot of time smoking weed while talking about camping in dope places and going on Outward Bound dog sledding trips. I remember in our circle of indoor environmentalists, there was this one girl that always wore her dad's vintage Patagonia gear, which was, like, an ancillary turn on because she had a nice butt and came from a family that owned Patagonia gear in the 80s, so you know she had a ton of money. One time, we drove to the Dunes and she was like, "Fuck, I forgot my piece, what are we gonna smoke this weed with?" And I was like, "Don't even trip, girl. Gimme that can of Pringles," and I fashioned a steamroller out of that Pringles can and we held hands when we thought we were getting pulled over on the tollway on the way back home. Anyways, this Mt. Rainier Design pullover made me think of that.