If you thought the guy with the "Back to Back Champions" Seattle Seahawks tattoo made the worst decisions, meet another guy who is determined to steal that crown. Inspired by Katy Perry's spirited Super Bowl halftime performance, some unnamed friend of redditor hollygoheavy went out and got a tattoo of Left Shark, the breakout star of the show and the Internet's new favorite meme.

Mashable writes that they could not confirm the authenticity of the tattoo, but it looks pretty real to us. We're not sure why it would be placed over a red spot, but the shark looks like it had a very unfortunate accident that will soon attract other sharks.

Right Shark has done a reddit AMA, and while Left Shark has not, he did confirm his identity as Perry's backup dancer Bryan Gaw via Instagram.

​We should probably mention that Katy Perry also got a Super Bowl tattoo, but her "XLIX" is not nearly as awesome as this.

[via Twitter]