While we wait with bated breath for the equally banging and struggly debut of NYFW's myriad F/W 15 collections, let's remember, if only for a minute, what nice weather is like thanks to Haversack S/S 15. The collection has a tinge of freelance weed grower to it, while also remaining a relatively upstanding member of society. The dude who wears Haversack is the guy who found half of his wardrobe at the local flea market, so there are moth holes and shit, but has such self-confidence that you can't help admiring him. He probably has a lot of eclectic hobbies that aren't even related to fashion. He probably even helped plant a tree in his neighborhood. He doesn't necessarily look the part of the all-American bro, but he's put together enough and regularly hosts book clubs where he discusses how Søren Kierkegaard's teachings guide everything he does. He might roll his own cigarettes, but he isn't a total douche about it and lets you do your own thing without criticizing you. Sometimes he paints watercolors when he needs to unwind from a long day. He likes the open-front long shirts with big pockets and occasionally wears a blazer, but never in a formal setting. He's also not afraid of wearing shorts, unlike, say you.