Holy shit, fuck yeah, FPAR! This Forty Percent Against Rights jacket reminds me of those FBI jackets that FBI guys always wear the movies, which is, I guess, the entire point. Back in my elementary school days, I was very into the FBI and fighting crime and shooting cap guns and generally fucking around with my friends. One time in 5th grade, my guys and I thought it would be dope to play FBI and cocaine smugglers during indoor recess. PRO TIP: Do not have your boy Derek bag up his mom's powdered sugar into Ziploc bags and bring cap guns to school. Also, do not have a make believe shootout in the hallways, while your other boys, Matt and Kenny, scream, "FLUSH THE SHIT! FLUSH THE SHIT! THE PIGS ARE HERE! FUCK 'EM!" That shit does not go over well and reflects poorly on your parents. But goddamn if it isn't fun.