It's been a minute since I lent my pen to Folk, a brand that I really like. Folk is a simple brand, but a lot of its pieces impress in person, knits and outerwear specifically. I'm constantly looking to come across some good Folk pieces on sale because they're regularly passed over since people aren't, like, taken aback instantly when they see them and are drawn to more elusive and eye-catching brands. I get it. Flexing is your prerogative and you would like to be able to flex on a daily basis. Unfortunately, life does not always hand us situations in which flexing is a viable option. So here is Folk, the reliable friend to take your hand. That said, S/S 15 is a little less eye-catching than even the usual Folk offerings. There are anoraks, snap shirts with an adjustable waist cinch and color-blocked tees. It's basic fare to be honest. I implore you, Folk, as a fan, please try to get back on track with some of the previous jawnery you have produced: clean overshirts with pockets, taped seam jackets and crazy anorak innovations. I still like the collection, guys. I just want more because I know you can do it. I'm also sorry I sound like your ex-girlfriend.