Designer sneakers are pretty much the Four Pins M.O. And while it's almost impossible to go against the stalwart that is and seemingly always will be Common Projects, there are other brands out here dropping pretty great shit, ETQ Amsterdam being one of them. Look, when it comes to shoes and sneakers, the fact remains, there is no such thing as too many. Though, I guess you could argue that since you can only wear one pair of shoes at a time, you might as well spend your money on other pieces of clothing. Way to harsh the very solid mellow we had going on with your rational method of argumentation. We're not here for that. This is not an open forum for debate. Anyway, ETQ is dropping its S/S 15 collection online this Friday. Also, and this is very important, every pair of ETQs comes with an extra set of waxed laces. Are you aware of how important waxed laces are for your footwear game? They're like when you catch a star on the last lap of Rainbow Road or some shit.