Usually when artists pay homage to people in hip-hop, you can expect portraits of Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Jay Z, and a few others. There is nothing wrong with that, because those guys earned their spots in the history books, but it always nice when other great figures in the culture are recognized. 

A Bristol-based artist named Eric Aidoo, aka Just Scribble, has done portraits of all of the above, but he also has done some great pieces in honor of artists like MF Doom, Kendrick Lamar, Nas, Kid Cudi, and many others. Rappers like Joey Bada$$, Hopsin, and Rick Ross have cosigned Just Scribble's work on Twitter and Instagram, and he has shown in various exhibitions, which is even more impressive considering he is only 17. "I find humans inspiring," Aidoo told Timeout, "particularly famous ones. So I draw them. For now, my main focus is portraits. But I never want to limit myself to just one subject matter."

"Nas" - Image via Just Scribble
"Skepta" - Image via Just Scribble
"Chris Brown" - Image via Just Scribble
"Jaden and Willow Smith" - Image via Just Scribble
"Snoop Dogg" - Image via Just Scribble
"Joey Bada$$" - Image via Just Scribbles

Head over to his Tumblr and follow him on Instagram to see a lot more of the young artist's work.

[via Timeout]