A site by the name of Emojitracker is doing exactly what its name entails and live-tracking each and every use of emoji on Twitter. The site provides great insight on the state of Twitter, where there currently seems to be love in the air (and maybe a tinge of eye-rolling at it).

The top five currently stands as: 
5. Unamused face 

4. Smiling face with heart eyes 
3.  Heart 

2. Black heart suit

1. Face with tears of joy 

However, the frenetic green flashing that signals every time an emoji is used serves as a reminder that this order could change at any moment. Clicking on a specific box opens up a window with a live feed of every tweet using that emoji.

The site is created by self-proclaimed hacker Matthew Rothenberg who has "always had a soft spot for emoji," he says in a post detailing how he developed Emojitracker. At the time of this writing, the site has tracked over 7.4 billion tweets with an emoji in it. The least used one? The baggage claim signal. 

2014 was a huge year for emojis, the heart symbol was named the word of the year, and Drake even got one inked on his arm. And the way this site racks up usage shows that the Japanese emoticons won't be slowing down any time soon. 

[via Emojitracker]