SASQUATCHFabrix is a dope brand because the first part of their crazy portmanteau of a name is in all-caps, which is obviously some shit that is right up my alley. It's also dope because they make this near perfect "Oriental Long Coat." Though, I have to say, maybe we could have used a different term than "oriental"? I know that it is still used to define certain things, but I spent the better part of my youth explaining to people that saying my grandma is "oriental" is insulting as fuck, you colonial gaze having motherfuckers. But I'll allow it this time because SASQUATCHFabrix is a Japanese brand and this banger of a coat lit full of lit details, such as like for example: dual entry poacher's pockets, a stand collar, hidden placket and dropped shoulder for that very crucial oversized look. I guess I could've just copied and pasted the sales copy, but I do this rewording and reordering for you, fam.