#TREND #REPORT: All across the fashion world, fleecy jackets are cool again. And at the top of the heap is Patagonia aka Patagucci aka Pataguccinelli. All over the place, designer brands are turning out their own fleece jackets to capitalize on the moment. Even the homie Patrik Ervell is dropping in mohair renditions of the classic outdoorsy fleece, while Baja East is pulling the appeal of the jacket up into the $3,000 price range.

A lot of the momentum plays off the appeal of Normcore (unfortunately) and dressing like the '90s being firmly back again. Ervell cites the sense of normalness that existed when the Internet wasn't so widespread that helped keep the classic Patagonia fleece so timeless. That makes sense considering the Internet, for the most part, has completely ruined every aspect of human life. For all the fire tweets you can get off and dank #content you can build with fam, there's a bunch of terrible shit also happening at the same time. I can scarcely remember a time in my life when the Internet didn't exist, so I can't fully associate with the Patagonia love fest that is currently happening. But perhaps the most important aspect of the trend is that you know what you're getting with Patagonia. The brand integrity that comes from an outdoor brand like Patagonia is what makes them work. Like, if you need a really fucking good winter coat, you probably won't buy one from Louis Vuitton or some shit. Nah, you cop the diesel Canada Goose parka. The same goes for Patagonia fleece. People are saying "fuck it" to the high-end options and going with the original. We can't be mad at that.

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