"Practical" is usually not the first word that comes to mind when we think of bracelets, but Leatherman has changed the accessories game forever. The tools and knives manufacturing company announced their plans to release Tread this summer; it's essentially a multi-functional tool kit that looks like a bracelet. Made of stainless steel, each of the 25 links on the Tread has its own function, including a bottle opener, Phillips screwdriver, box wrench, and cutting hook, among others. The links can be swapped around according to your preference, and additional add-ons are also available. And if watches are your thing, Leatherman also has plans to release a version of the Tread integrated with a Swiss-made timepiece later this year. 

The bracelet is tentatively priced at $150, and the watch at $200. Check out Leatherman's video below to see the Tread in action:


[via Hypebeast]