I have a confession to make. In college, there was a Lacoste shop-in-shop at the local Bloomingdale's. I can't really remember because my brain is so full of cannabis and knowledge I obtained while in school, but I do remember that my weed dealer at the time was also my friend, which was awesome because he'd always be like, "Fam, let's go shopping downtown," and we'd hop on the Jeffery Express up to Michigan Avenue and he'd ball out at, like, Armani Exchange and the Adidas store. For some reason, he always brought his girlfriend along. I thought that was thoughtful and it probably was, but he also had her purse stuffed with like 2 or 3 racks. He'd buy us lunch, but never copped me any gear. Anyways, his girl would always want to hit up the aforementioned Lacoste shop and there was always this comely sales associate that wore, like, tennis skirts, Stan Smiths and really tight polos and she would always try and get me to buy gear. One time she was like, "Hey, try these pants on. I bet they look amazing on you." So I put these chocolate brown trousers on and she was like, "Wow, so dope." Then, my dealer/friend was like, "You know what? I'm buying these for you," which, normally, would've been tight, but it was kind of emasculating in front of the sexy Lacoste sales associate. So, every time I see Lacoste now, I can't help but think of that one time I got big-timed me in front of that girl. Oh yeah, check out these bucket hats you're gonna have to buy for yourself.