For the record: Justin Bieber's Calvin Klein ads were not Photoshopped, at least according to the singer. Bieber posted a photo to Instagram yesterday of him wearing a towel around his waist and, well, it's pretty evident what he's referring to. The photo was simply captioned, "Photoshop lol."

Bieber's CK ads were released early this month, confirming last year's rumors that he was in fact posing for an upcoming campaign for the label. Following a few metaphorical heart attacks from The Beliebers and death threats sent by said Beliebers to model Lara Stone, who co-stars in the adverts, reported that CK had Photoshopped Bieber to enlarge pretty much everything, including his penis. But it wasn't long before the site retracted the story after Bieber and his team threatened legal action. 

Stay tuned to see how the rest of this story unravels. 

[via Instagram]