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Just about everyone in the world is aware of the tragic events that unfolded last week in Paris when a terrorist group attacked and killed 12 people at the offices of French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo. Millions of people have marched on the Parisian streets to honor those who were murdered and to stand up for the freedoms of speech and press, some of which have carried homemade signs and banners with the message "Je Suis Charlie," which translates to "We Are Charlie."

Others have responded to the tragedy online, including several cartoonists who have created cartoons that reflect the spirit and work of Charlie Hebdo. Street artists and graffiti writers around the world have also grabbed their paint brushes and cans to show their support, creating awesome murals and "Je Suis Charlie" messages in cities including Paris, Los Angeles, Antwerp, and London.

Portrait of French cartoonist Jean Cabut by Julien. Image via Nieman Reports
Image via Street Art Belgium
Image via Street Art SF
Mural in Los Angeles. Image via Pinterest
Image via AndreSaraiva on Instagram
Image via onekopsky on Instagram
Image via streetarteast on Instagram
Image via Flickr