Young brands on the up-and-up can often fall into the trap of allowing themselves to be drowned out in the sea of competition that exists, and all too often the good ones are the ones that suffer the most. Seeing four young, homegrown British brands join forces to raise each of their profiles is exactly what is needed in the UK skate/streetwear scene, and that's exactly what's happening over the next week.

High Jinx, Cult Gloria, Set, and Alcatraz Beach Club are all fledging brands that, while getting recognition and garnering admiration, have decided to work together to bring their wares to a new audience, with the opening of a week long pop-up retail space in London. Making their way from all corners of the UK—High Jinx is London based, along with Alcatraz Beach Club, Set hails from the North-East, and Cult Gloria is based out of Manchester—the brands are bring not just their clothes, but their photography, their zines, and even their favourite horror films, as they look to make this pop-up one with a difference.

Homegrown brands are always worth supporting, and with four excellent young brands teaming up on the project, this is definitely something worth supporting, and we can't wait to check out the store. The clothes are great, the teams behind the clothes are great, the events running alongside the store look to be great, and there's even some parties going down. So, we'll see you there.

Check out some of the clothes that will be available below, and follow 110 Store on Instagram to keep up to date with the space's schedule.

January 3–10, 2015 (10am–6pm Daily)
110 Shoreditch High Street,
E1 6JN.