Who here has ever purchased a pair of Asics? I bet only, like, 35 of you raised your hands. The number's only that high because I'm super confident in the huge numbers of erudite, wealthy, perspicacious, readers that come to this site every day. I don't think I've ever even tried on a pair of Asics, but I would definitely buy this pair from Concepts when they drop in-store and online January 30th. Wait, I just remembered, I might've actually tried a pair on at one of those running stores where they let you walk on a treadmill and sell you tiny shorts. I went to one of those once and made a bunch of Jordan and Tier Zero jokes. Let me tell you, the sales staff was not having any of it. Do'’t worry, I finally brought them around with a Steve Prefontaine mustache joke. Steve Prefontaine jokes are the way to a runner's heart. Never forget that.