A group of four developers involved in a hackathon at Mount Holyoke College created gloves you can tweet from just by making a hashtag symbol with your hands. When activated, the wearer dictates a tweet to the gloves before it sends out to your followers using Bluetooth technology. 

There's "conductive fabric on the tips of the fingers, and we put a voltage across them," Byron Wasti, one of the developers told the Daily Dot​. The gloves are prompted when you lay your hands across each other, which shorts the gloves' electrical current and sends them into action. 

The group said that the idea was initially inspired by wanting to tweet in inclement weather or while snowboarding. "If somebody can’t take their hands out of their pockets, they could use the gloves to say ‘that was a great run’ or something," said Keenen ZuckerA sketch on Jimmy Fallon where the host and Justin Timberlake keep making and saying the symbol in conversation was also partially responsible for influencing the invention.

This is just the latest piece of wearable tech that infuses technology into clothes hoping to make life simpler. Other examples include an Opening Ceremony jacket that charges your phone and a snapback you can make calls from.

Unfortunately, you'll have to settle for tweeting from your phone for now because the gloves are still being developed. However, the guys who invented the special gloves estimate they may only cost $50 when they do eventually become available. 

Technology, everyone. 

 [via Daily Dot]