Mother’s Day is steadily approaching, which means there’s little time to go out and purchase a meaningful present for the woman that brought you into this world. Only thing is she’s grown tired of cookware, flowers, and the utterly predictable gift card. What’s a good son to do in this situation? Seeing how today’s older crowd is adapting to modern technology at a much faster pace than before, we recommend looking into the latest tech trend: wearables. As the market for these devices continues to expand, so has its audience, making for a universal product category that all ages can get into.

Now the idea isn’t to slap a pair of Google Glass on your mother’s head, making her a target of ridicule at every corner. It’s to get her a gift she can use on the regular that can encourage her to embrace new things in life. Isn't that what we all want? From fashion to fitness, here are 10 Wearable Tech Items Even Your Mom Will Love.