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Following the well-received "The Dean Collection" exhibition that he curated for SCOPE at Art Basel Miami Beach, Swizz Beatz spoke to the New York Post about his plans for the future and how he will continue to live the #ArtLife closer to home in New York City.

He said that he has been approached to start a "club for artists" in the Meatpacking District, but didn't share the details of who approached him. "It’s a huge space downtown, and I hope it could become a club for artists, like a Soho House," he explained, "but without membership fees so they can work, share ideas and celebrate together. Artists are being forced out of New York because of the cost of living, so I want to create a new community to help them."

If anyone could make this happen the right way, it would be Swizz. His philosophy about art is different than that of most art dealers and gallery owners, as he explained in a recent interview with Vulture. When asked if he would be opening a gallery anytime soon, he said he has no plans to "compete with gallery owners," and compared the art world to his other passion: music. "The art world is like the music industry, like an independent label coming in and showing an artist another way," he said. "If an artist wanted to do something with me, I have different rules. A gallery might charge an artist 50 percent, where I would charge the artist 20 percent...I want to charge the artist as little as possible."

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