Man, these Internet brands just keep fucking going, guys. It's like because they're not bound by the typical fashion calendar that they can just keep dropping shit whenever they feel like it. You have a good idea for a piece? Sketch that shit out, pick the fabric, hit up the factory plug and a couple weeks later—BOOM—that new new is ready to sell. This is what Lease on Life Society does. They were just here, like, a month ago with a capsule, and now there's another release coming in time for the holidays. Teaming up with Jacob Keller, #influencer and noted victim of Selfie Destruction, the "You Can't Finesse W/ The Scrubs" collection is a limited run (25 units per piece) and set to release this Sunday at 6:30pm. The six piece collection is made up of two long sleeve shirts (a contrast sleeve sweater and a SLP-like striped shirt), two pairs of destroyed denim and two hoodies with Lease's signature exaggerated waistbands. They're pieces you've probably seen in previous collections, but with new texture and colors. That caramel joint looks good enough to eat, fam.