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We don't usually write about H&M unless there are wild ass collaborations on deck or some particularly swagged out pieces available for what basically amounts to $Free.99. But H&M recently launched a skiing collection and this shit is pretty fucking dope. It's kind of hidden on their site and lumped in with its sportswear gear, but this winter sports specific collection channels all the characteristics of the stereotypical Scandinavian: there's vests, snow pants, fleeces and anything else Lars might need whether he's posted up on the side of a mountain or just hanging out at his local biergarten. Also, the photography is on point. This makes me feel like I should be hauling my skis around the city with me as I could get away to the country at any moment. Ya know, just in case because all the money I'm managing at work is getting pretty stressful. The biggest subplot of skiing that I fuck with? THUMBHOLES. Shit is absolutely crucial, especially on a cold office day like this. The Complex offices are goddamn frigid this time of year and I need something to help cover my hands a little more as I type away at these golden missives. Also, who doesn't love ski goggles? Can we bring those back as casual wear? Anyway, snatch some of this up and maybe, just maybe, actually put it to good use.