'Tis the season to feel feels, make gingerbread man cookies with smiley faces, fluff your pillows so they're extra soft, try and re-connect with your ex, and, of course, send out holiday cards to your friends and family. Instead of sending a super wack Paperless Post or an incredibly lame Hallmark card this year, we created a few options featuring the rapper that definitely gets the most into the holiday spirit out of anyone in hip-hop. 

Maybe your grandmother would appreciate a card that features Drake's crooning lyrics. Or that girl you've been crushing on might finally change her mind once you show her a card that tells her how you really feel. Whatever the case is, make sure you click on the printable version so you can print out the illustration and fold it in half for a card that trumps the family photo you normally have to resort to.

Happy holidays, and enjoy 10 Drake-Themed Holiday Cards To Give To Your Friends, Family, and Exes.

Illustrations by Oli Holmes.

Never Loved Us


Holiday Turn Up



Light the Menorah


Too Fly


Glo Gang


Exit to the Right


Too Fly


Feeling Feels


Tree Trophies


Pretty Please