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French accessories label Côte&Ciel has teamed up with London retailer Oki-Ni to deliver a short film that highlights its current range of bags.

Inspired by the concept of the urban nomad, the film aims to illustrate the connection between the wandering traveler and the metropolitan landscape—emphasizing the label’s signature fusion of heritage-inspired components with contemporary design.

Throughout the film, we follow a young man on a journey through the Barbican Estate, an area once devastated by World War II bombings. Though he is initially wary of the location, we see the man slowly let down his guard throughout his exploration, which eventually leads him to revel in the brutalist surroundings.

Creators of the project say the industrial Barbican Estate is a fitting backdrop for the film as it reflects Côte&Ciel’s innovative use of materials and tough-as-nails craftsmanship. Key products in the film are the Isar and Rhine rucksacks in weatherproof canvas, as well as the Meuse backpack in an optical concrete herringbone weave.

Take a look at the short film above. You can cop the featured bags today at Côte&Ciel’s and Oki-Ni’s online store.