There once was an aspiring artist named Adolf Hitler who failed miserably and went on to do horrific things with his life. Some of the tyrant's early works (of which there were nearly 2,000) still exist in the world and have been purchased by collectors, but most of it looks like crap that would be sold in thrift stores had the artist not been one of the biggest assholes in human history.

According to TIME, one of Hitler's watercolors from 1914 will be sold soon at the Weidler Auction House in Nuremberg, and it is expected to sell for around 50,000 euros, which is just over $60,000. The painting is called Standesamt und Altes Rathaus Muenchen​, which translates to Civil Registry Office and Old Town Hall of Munich, and we hate to say it but it's not as bad as some of the others that we've seen. The auction house told Reuters that they see the painting as a "historical document" and that "those who want to get worked up about this should just go ahead and get worked up about it."

"We've had inquiries so far from four continents, and the interest in this particular painting appears to be quite high," Kathrin​ Weidler added. We're not sure what kind of person buys Hitler art, but we assume that they will be bidding via proxy or over the phone, because that's definitely not the kind of thing you want to be seen doing in person.

[via TIME]