Artists Jen Lu and Tim Nolan collaborated on a project that combines computer algorithms and modern art in the best way. The web app Simply That Shit is easy. You drag a photo into the box and watch as it transforms into a "geometric composition derived from file data of the original image."

Mona Lisa, simplified
American Gothic, simplified
The Great Wave of Kanagawa, simplified

The possibilities for this program are endless. You can spend hours dragging and dropping photos of your favorite rappers, your pets, and anything else that you want into the window, downloading your own modern art masterpieces for your Instagram or Tumblr. 

The artists have also created limited editions prints and "wearable art" using by processing works by Piet Mondrian, van Gogh, Matt Groening, and others through the web app. Click through to the site to check them out and to start making art of your own.