Yes, this came out a year ago, but the fact that it has less than 3,000 views in that time means we can still write about without getting hit with the dreaded LATE PASS. Mister Chocolate dropped the hottest Supreme-centric Christmas carol the world has ever seen. I swear to fucking god, DJ Khaled is about to sign this kid to We The Best Music Group the minute he sees this Four Pins post.

"This The Season To Be Boxy" is dedicated to the frenzied, hyped up drops of Supreme box logo tees, which Mr. Chocolate unfortunately missed out on last year. He spends three minutes in a tortured falsetto opining about the fact that Supreme dropped some box logos and he couldn't get his hands on any: "I could not cop them because they sold out in two minutes." He also makes it clear that he has no money as it is and wonders if Supreme will send him some box logos for free, particularly the red one.

Talk about grade A thirsty behavior. Can you imagine being so fucking bummed that you actually make a fucking Christmas carol about a T-shirt in an effort to try to get some for free? DAWG, you gotta hit that social networking tip way harder if you want to make moves on some free swag. No brand is sending shit to you based on a struggle video that didn't even go viral SMFH.

In the end, our friend Mister C realizes he can always just wait until the next drop, even though he admits he's salty. But, of course, "If Supreme watches this, hook a brother up." Maybe this year. Maybe now.