Over the past few years technical outerwear has hit trend status and spread like a rash across the internet. Technical clothing is not a new idea of course. The look was last big in the mid '90s and anyone who has enjoyed any kind of outdoor life can probably appreciate The North Face, but while this new technical school of jackets are designed specifically to keep you warm and dry, and feature practical ways to stow your gear while on the go, the idea is that the emphasis on functionality and usability, and magic weather resistant materials like Gore-Tex and Schoeller fabrics should result in a more modern aesthetic and style.

If you want to look perhaps a bit too hard into it, these jackets can be compared to the modern cities their wearers are found in. The muted colours match the architecture, the fabrics are designed to simultaneously offer maximum performance, look and feel good, and every design element is justified via a specific functional purpose. So, now that it's cold and dark outside and only likely to get colder and darker, here's our pick of fall/winter 2014's best technical jackets.


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