Japanese design studio Nendo have designed a new umbrella that makes your old one look like a pile of junk. The "Stay-Brella" has a revolutionary two-pronged handle that allows it to stand on its own and can be hung from any surface.

The fabric of the umbrella has been coated to prevent 90% of UV rays and is attached to a six-spoke frame and black handle which splits at the bottom. Most umbrellas have to be stored or put away in an umbrella stand or just in a pile on the ground, but Nendo's new design offers the ability to "Stand on its own when turned on its handle, hang securely from tables, and stay propped up on a wall when not in use."

The handle also serves to make the umbrella more stable to the holder when in use. So for those of you looking to stay dry and look fly, cop the umbrella exclusively at Japan's Seibu department stores (or eBay).

[via Dezeen]