Dear Justin Machus,

Thanks for allowing a throwaway quip about rare hemlines to become a running joke. Thanks for laughing at our tongue-in-cheek editorials about Chico's influencing #menswear and street goths. Thanks for bringing tall tees back. Thanks, also, for proving PDX isn't really that weird in a Portlandia way, but totally forward in a fashion way.


Four Pins

This weekend, Machus celebrated its third anniversary. There was a party. There were models. Who fucking cares? Most of us were sitting in the freezing fucking east coast cold. Bright side, there are some limited goods that cater to our desire for rarity and interest in ephemeral celebratory products.

If the hemlines are rare, zippers make sense. (Customizable hemlines are next.) In collaboration with ADYN (a London-based brand that seems very interested in post-Kanye streetwear), Machus delivers a black on black neoprene sweatshirt perfect for layering with mad long tees. The numbers "111111" hit below ADYN's customary size dots (a sort of post-Kanye streewear version of the jock tag) referencing Machus' opening date, and, thus, follows on an anniversary tradition established with last year's neoprene jersey.

Designer Berto Herrara has the privilege of being the first man to print on Machus' private label T-shirts. His graphics, influenced by Japanese block prints, are double layered—the first tonal, the second reflective—rolling all the way down the tee's respective tails.

The final piece in Machus' anniversary pack is a fragrance with local maker, Imaginary Authors. We don't usually write about apothecary shit, but this one, entitled "A City On Fire," seems influenced by the lyrics of Lloyd Banks and, as such, appropriate.

All off Machus' anniversary product is now available online.