Blurhms makes this heavyweight cotton coat that fits directly into the aesthetic I'm trying to digitally shove down your throats. Did you guys notice that this coat has two-piece sleeves? The under sleeve is made of a lighter weight, more breathable cotton. Designs analogous to pit vents are seriously my favorite design details. I'm not gonna give you guys a suggested fit because, if you haven't figured out how I dress yet, you guys have way more things to worry about. WORK ON YOUR READING COMPREHENSION. You know what? Let's consider this post like those end of chapter discussion questions from high school textbooks. Here are today's:

1. "What would Jon wear with this jacket?"

2. "What would Skylar wear with this jacket?"

3. "What would LAS wear with this jacket?"

As always, you will be grading each other's work in the comment section. Class dismissed, you manatees.