Damn, I'm seeing so many fucking coach's jackets out right now that it feels almost like I've willed them into a more widespread existence. The only thing that's a little weird about this recent explosion is that it seems to be at completely the wrong time. I feel like coach's jackets are more germane to spring and early fall. After that, they really aren't warm enough on their own unless you're a real, actual coach. Real, actual coaches have this weird ability to never dress appropriately for the weather despite the fact that they are the only humans on the field that aren't physically active. Anyways, these Bedwin jackets are dope because they're made out of chambray. Don't think 300 bucks is a reasonable amount to ask for a chambray coach's jacket? WELL, THEY HAVE A STAMP THAT SAYS "WEAR AS YOU ARE. DESIGNED IN UPTOWN TOKYO," SO THERE. Another win for ya boy.