Sunglasses revel in much of the spotlight during the summertime. But as the mercury begins to drop and layering up becomes a daily necessity, their glory, too, fades with the beaming sun. It makes sense, too. You’re more likely to be inspired to upgrade your shade game to keep pace with your summer, ready-to-hit-the-beach-at-a-moment’s-notice attire, than you are with your cold-weather wardrobe. But before you pack up your sunglasses for the winter, just know that you’ll be needing them—yes, even during the cold, cloudy weather—because, well, ultra-violet radiation doesn’t take a break. Neither does the opportunity to stunt on everyone else around you.

If you’re in the market for a new pair, take this opportunity to realize that you shouldn’t wait until the next time summer rolls around to upgrade your sun optics. The time is now. But before you make any moves, consider the misconceptions that surround sunglasses. The myths are more prevalent than you might imagine, so we’re here to set apart the fact from the fiction.