Architecture constitutes both the physical and social structures of our world, and it is the task of the architect to balance and optimize both realms. It’s no easy task though—architecture school is a long and arduous pursuit, the profession is a revolving door of competitions, certifications, and continuing education, and the practice can be a minefield of delays, revisions, and bureaucratic red tape. It takes time and dedication to erect buildings.

It’s all the more impressive, then, that the 10 listed here have amassed such extensive résumés and impressive portfolios in relatively no time at all—in most cases under 40 years. These accomplished young architects have imagined and executed large-scale transformations in urban environments around the world—from public and institutional projects to vast private developments. With bold forms and innovative functions, they are reshaping our surroundings as well as our communities. Here are 10 Young Architects Transforming Urban Skylines Around the World.