Julian Assange, the whistle-blowing editor of WikiLeaks, is cashing in on his notoriety and rebellious persona by expanding his collection of branded T-shirts. That’s right, there will soon be a full line of WikiLeaks merchandise, ranging from high-end apparel and accessories to stationary and home goods. Because what’s the point of striving for global justice if you can’t get your own lifestyle brand out of it?

Made in partnership with Indian manufacturer Franchise India, the forthcoming release is styled after Che Guevara’s brand, with most items featuring a stylized image of Assange’s face. WikiLeaks representatives say they hope this new endeavor will make Assange a revolutionary icon for the 21st century, as well as bring in money to fund the website’s operations.

It’s a unique and interesting concept, but will it work?

“WikiLeaks and Assange are great brands. But don't you think that trying to monetize them will defeat the whole ideology of what they stand for?” New Delhi-based brand expert Santosh Desai told the India Times. “To be successful, they will need a very focused approach.”

[via Mass Appeal]