Football and mens fashion have always been intertwined in the UK, with the terraces acting as a primitive catwalk before they became brawler's playgrounds. From the days of the '69 skinheads, the fashion was transferred around the country by travelling fans, who would visit grounds up and down the country sporting their best wares, trying to win the sartorial battle before the boys on the pitch played.

The cagoule was picked up for its functionality as well as its sartorial value. The bright colours were a harbinger of the casuals movement, and the cagoule earned its place in British street culture history thanks to the legions of football fans travelling around the country. Peter Storm (founded by Royal Marine Noel Bibby in the '50s) are often credited with the invention of the original cagoule—a long waterproof over the head jacket, taking the French name for a monk’s hood—and have achieved unparalleled breathability and condensation reduction.

Peter Storm's products have always been born and bred in Britain. The fabric is dyed in Ellend, Yorkshire before being treated and coated in Rawtenstall, Lancashire, and each detail and seam is finished in the Midlands, which makes every jacket about as british as it could possibly be. Their cagoule is now being picked up by British youth once again, appropriating it and making it their own, wearing it to fit their own subcultures and their own fashions, all while giving a nod to the past, as British youth fashion so often tends to do.

Peter Storm have worked on a video with Size? and The Rig Out to celebrate the brand going on sale in Size? stores from this week. Check it out above and head over to the Size? webstore to pick one up from Friday.


Film: Jamie Delaney (RSA Films)

Styling: Glenn Kitson

Photography: Joshua Gordon

Models: Ollie McBride, Adam Foreman, Marcus Rutherford & Hannah Job

Music: The Famous Eno