The '90s were dominated by the stars of the World Wrestling Federation, or WWF (now WWE) and their high-flying, high-impact performances in the ring. As a child of this era, there's no doubt that the wrestlers had their own impact on style—even through the face paint, skin tight costumes, and layers of leather.

Today, as the '90s reemerge as cultural and sartorial inspiration, there's no question that some of the tricks kids picked up from their favorite wrestlers now apply to their style pursuits as adults. While we're not recommending that you don a gold body suit and fur robe (à la Goldust), there are definitely a few moves you can pick up from the dudes throwing down during a Royal Rumble without having to having to physically endure a T.L.C. (Tables Ladders Chairs) match. These are Style Tips You Can Learn From WWE Wrestlers​.

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