Watch These Shoppers Freak Out When The Floor of This The North Face Store Disappears

The North Face recently scared shoppers in Korea by rigging one of their stores with a disappearing floor as a marketing stunt.

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Shoppers in Korea got quite the scare as they unassumingly browsed the goods in a The North Face store recently. As part of a stunt that was put together by The North Face and South Korean marketing agency Innored, unsuspecting customers were forced to put their survival instincts to the test when the floor below them suddenly started giving way, all in the name of the brand's motto, “Never Stop Exploring.”

While people casually shopped, the racks of clothing suddenly began rising to the ceiling and the floor started to shift, eventually disappearing into the walls and forcing customers to either hang on to the rock-climbing holds or fall into a padded pit. A North Face jacket attached to a wire then dropped from the ceiling, hanging in the middle and kicking off a timer, challenging customers to climb the wall and leap to snatch the dangling item. A few people freaked out, others just looked straight-up confused. Either way, the reactions were pretty hilarious. 

This isn’t the first time The North Face has engaged in experiential marketing tactics. Last year, it placed huge ice sculptures in high-traffic areas around Paris as a means to promote new stores opening in the city. “Consumers are used to comfortable city lives and are losing their natural strengths," The North Face said about the “Never Stop Exploring” campaign. "Based on this brand philosophy, North Face Korea induces customers to face an unexpected challenge and encourages them to overcome the situation with their own strength in order to begin their journey to explore."

Looks like people are willing to go way out of their comfort zones when free outerwear is involved.

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