Long Journey is totally one of those brands that's only stocked at wildly selective outlets, but when you finally find a piece from them, it’s super fucking worth it. It's almost as if every time I see one of their pieces, a Pulp Fiction syringe full of adrenaline rushes straight to my heart and saves my life. Long Journey's brand name is pretty generic as well, which gives the hamsters that run Google's search engine a tall task in finding their shit around the web. But I guess that's what your have Four Pins for.

LJ is a company that sources a lot of vintage military materials, so we can surmise that this Paramesh fishtail is made of the same mesh used in parachutes or some shit. I've never parachuted because I flat out refuse to put my body in that sort of danger, but my expert opinion led me to the previous fabrication conclusion. The mesh looks cool and gives this piece a little bit of that Greg Lauren "all my shit is destroyed even though I could sell this item and afford groceries for six months" vibe.