We've somehow survived three installments in Complex admittedly with some help from you guys. Thanks for that. We did the three-peat. But, once again, we need you, the Four Pins reader, to send us questions for our next spread. While we only have a two pages at this point, we all know that our ever-rising #influence will turn that two into three, then four and, before you know it, they're just going to rebrand Complex as #INFLUENCE and let us run the fucking show. We posted the second installment a few weeks ago and the third edition is around the corner, so wait on that. It'll be up very soon. Keep in mind that this next batch of questions is for the February/March issue, so teleport your mind forward a couple of months to the time of Saints Valentine and Patrick, where you'll either need help with a non-shitty date in an effort to cop a handjob or begin the process of conditioning your liver to thrive during the wackest excuse to drink of all time.

Anyway, fill up the questions@four-pins.com inbox by the end of the month with anything and everything. We're here to serve you better, fam.