Maybe this is pure nostalgia speaking, but this Kendama has really got ya boy drowning in feels. See, I went to a really small middle school and it was super insular, so our class size was seriously, like, 10 people. And we didn't move around classrooms or anything. There wasn't even a bell. Everything was done by parent volunteers and all that shit. Our lunch room was also our gym, just with all the folding chairs and tables cleared out. Looking back, it was pretty fucking strug. One thing I'll always remember though is all the little activities we had in our home room, of we kept personal records for each and every one. We had one of those balance boards, Pick Up Stixs and a bunch of others that evade my memory. But we had one of these exact things: this sort of old school ball-in-a-cup game and I fucking held that record for the entirety of my middle school career. See, the trick is to yank the ball up in the air, not whip it around like a yo-yo. I must have gotten, like, 30 or 40 in a row. I'm not even kidding. This is one of the few things I'm actually good at. But then this other kid figured out how to do the spikey end and I retired from the game in the interest of not being made a fool. I was a petty child.