ETQ Amsterdam makes fashion sneakers that aren't super expensive and don't come off as, ya know, fashion sneakers. They're v nondescript and incognito if that's your thing. They're never overly adorned with weird materials or shiny shit either. They're just nice, simple, straightforward sneaks. I think I might have just created the pitch for the Common Projects guys when they started their company. Anyway, these SSENSE exclusive runners are pretty fye with their almost all white everything, croc embossing and low rider profile. Those are all qualities that get ya boy pretty lit. You even have the contrasting black sole for a little pop. It's funny how a few years ago, we would have laughed at every person we saw flossing the embossed croc, but, now, we're all about them because they're done "tastefully," as if to say that any pattern or materical can be co-opted by menswear if done "correctly." The patriarchy strikes again.