I have the feeling I'm about to make a few enemies with this next sentence, but whatever. I fucking hate baseball. Like, it's in my personal bottom tier of sports to both watch and play, alongside water polo and cricket. Baseball is boring as fuck and more of, like, a lame ass game of strategy than it is a sport. I don't care that it's "America's Pastime." That said, baseball style is pretty swaggy. There's all sorts of things players can do to set their uniform apart: some wear tight pants, others baggy. Some rock rare, flip-up Oakleys. A lot of dudes even sport those weird rope necklace things. Shit, it's not that strange to see rolled up knickers and knee-high stirrup socks. Okay, fine, I'll admit that what baseball lacks in sporting entertainment, it makes up for in style. And this Casely Hayford shirt totally reminds me of baseball with its pinstripes on the back, bold stripes on the sleeves and white placket. It's all very baseball to me. Hell yeah, pimp, sprotz!