Beyoncé​ is teaming up with Topshop for an activewear brand that will include clothing, footwear, and accessories, WWD reports

The partnership is not just a one-off celebrity collaboration, but a joint venture called Parkwood Topshop Athletic Ltd.​, between the singer and retailer that will form its own separate brand. The brand, which doesn't even have a proper name yet, is only in its beginning stages, with plans to hire a team comprised of a creative director and two designers, sort out manufacturing details, and set up a New York City office. The clothing will aim to forge functionality and fashion for women who spend time at the gym, "as well as those who just want to look as if they do," said Topshop owner Sir Philip Green

The singer has recently made headlines for rocking the brand, even taking a private jet to the UK flagship store last month for what was thought to be a decadent shopping trip. However, it looks like Bey, ever the savvy businesswoman, was just getting to know the company she was partnering with. "I have always loved Topshop for their fashion credentials and forward thinking," she said in a statement.

The deal has been in the works for months, dating back to February when the two "started talking generally, about doing something together," Green​ revealed. With the retailer's desire to enter the activewear sector, talks progressed in May and June, and it was only last Friday that "Beyoncé came to [Topshop's] office" Green noted, "for the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle."

The earliest the brand will be available in stores and online is Fall 2015. No word on whether or not working out in the clothes will turn your girl into 'Yonce, but here's to hoping. 

[via WWD