True love is hard to find, but you want to know what trumps that? Finding a good tailor. The unconditional love that a good tailor has for you and your business is unbreakable. They literally take your saggy, droopy, baggy, sloppy clothing and transform it like sorcerers into something magical—thus, transforming you into something presentable.

You shouldn’t have to go through life wondering what it’s like to have clothes that fit you perfectly. That kind of torture is illegal in this country. You have the God-given right to look dapper, dammit. Do not waive your right to live in a world of criminally overpriced, off-the-rack garments that wear you, instead of the other way around. Be the man that wears the clothes, and wears them right. Start asking around for what will become you new best friend after you learn 10 Reasons Why Every Man Needs a Tailor.