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Wow, normally I leave the visvim clothing at the door and just drool over the footwear, but I'm all the way down with this pullover tunic thing. I could do without the red stripe, but this is vis we're talking about, and if there's one thing Hiroki's a genius at, it's adding that one detail that you don't really like, but doesn't affect your overall desire to purchase the item. I'm assuming the first sentence of this paragraph is just now sinking in and you're realizing I just admitted to not being the biggest fan of visvim's clothing and I'm sure you're about to bum-rush the comments like, "What about dat noragi doe?" Listen, I didn't cop that because one, I couldn't afford it and two, this other kid bought one and was flexing with it so hard I just was like, "You know what? I don't even like noragis anymore." Also, I write about things that I think you assholes will like just like Drake keeps xans in an Advil bottle upstairs. He don't take them shits, but you do, so he got 'em for you. Me and Aubrey are men of the people.