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Those dudes over at U Clothing really know how to lift up a shitty morning filled with rain. Their S/S 15 collection gives us a little bit of hope to look forward to in six months when fall is finished and winter finally winds down. Naturally, that's gonna feel like FOREVER from now, but stay with me here. There are lots of bright whites in the collection that I'm sure are present to help the Brits get through their regular dreariness of constant rain and clouds. I know some people like to say that they love this weather and that the rain is so nice, but if you responded with "it me" to the previous statement, you need to find the fucking chill, man. No pun intended. Anyway, I really dig the the black leather aviator-looking jacket. That could get some real nice use and the blue suede bomber with the ENORMOUS slanted flap pockets? So fire that even the rains of England couldn't put that shit out.