After 25 years on the air, its safe to say that most people should recognize the iconic outfits worn by The Simpsons characters, whether you are a regular viewer of the show or not. Now, thanks to Toronto-based illustrator Bryan Espiritu, we are seeing some of Springfield's most beloved residents’ clothes presented in a series of imagined outfit grids.

Fans of the show will recognize the references to past episodes and character exploits. Homer’s fit includes a trio of Duff beer and his trusty TV remote, and Barney Gumble’s even includes the bikini that once helped Homer “think unsexy thoughts.” Our personal favorite is devout Christian neighbor Ned Flanders, whose shoe game is on point with a pair of Louboutin loafers, with his outfit presented neatly in the shape of—you guessed it—a cross.

The series is actually an extension of Espiritu’s original series from back in November 2013. As Espiritu explained on his Instagram, “I set out to smash every ‘cool’ kid's @outfitgrid by creating a series of illustrations of the outfit grids of some of the coolest kids in the history of television cartoons.” Speaking on this series, presented by Highsnobiety,  Espiritu says “As a fan of The Simpsons since I was a little kid, this was a lot of fun to work on.” His work with his own brand TheLegendsLeague shows Espiritu’s knack for taking well-known images or motifs and adding his own unique spin or social commentary. 

Check out the full set of grids below. 

[via Highsnobiety]