Design pieces really draw the line between college-age slobs and sophisticated youth. Sure, there are plenty of products that will distract people from your gross apartment, but sleek design and clean lines will do a lot more for your home than filling it with junk. While many of these interior design items are well beyond most people's budgets, thankfully the brains behind Goodhood (who's store is located in East London) have come up with an affordable, well-curated spot for home items: their Lifestore.

Goodhood opened in London in 2007 with the mission "to support like minded brands who shared our ideas of independence & exclusivity" through a unique "curatorial" style of buying. Since then, the company has gone on to supply some of the best products from top fashion and product designers on an expertly-curated website (that offers free shipping to the US on orders over $60, no taxes). 

From handmade stationary to sturdy furniture to the coolest toothbrushes ever created, check out The Best Items in Goodhood's Lifestore. 

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