Did you guys know Snow Peak makes clothing now? Me neither, but thankfully The Woodlands is out here providing product shots and detailed copy on this wool knit shirt. Snow Peak is dope because they make these really nice chopsticks. I remember I copped a pair and used them for travel for a while because you haven't truly ascended the asshole rankings until you've purchased eating utensils specifically for traveling. I can't recall where I was headed, but I was stuck in a fairly nice airport for an extended layover and there was a sushi spot and a Panda Express. I copped orange chicken and extra rice and then ate that shit with my fancy chopsticks and three bites in I realized that my chopsticks probably cost more than the entire meal I was eating. And that's how you know I live an incredibly strange existence. Like, my gas tank is on E more often than I care to admit, but that didn't stop ya boy from buying a $4 lavender honey latte yesterday.