Sam Smith has already admitted that he has money on his mind, and now he's going to look like a million bucks on his North American tour. With his tour just about to kick off in New York City, Smith revealed to WWD that he and his band will sport custom suits from the Calvin Klein Collection as they travel around the continent for the next few months.

To align with Smith’s personal style, which he calls “simple, classic, and timeless,” Calvin Klein creative director Italo Zucchelli created bespoke suits for the musician in an array of neutral colors, like navy and dark gray microcheck, that will be perfectly tailored to his 6-foot 4-inch frame. In addition, Smith will wear dress shirts and suede boots.

Smith named Frank Sinatra as his style icon, and considering his affinity for all things clean and classy, this comes as no surprise. “He let his clothes showcase his voice,” Smith told WWD. “He wore the simplest clothes, but at the same time, the most complex. His style forced you to listen to his voice, but it was his clothes and style that helped make his music sound like dollar bills.”  

[via WWD]